Competition categories and awards

The productions submitted in the categories shown here are reviewed by a selection panel and the best ones are nominated.

Deutscher Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsfilmpreis

German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award

This award goes to the film that promotes sustainable handling of our environment in a memorable and outstanding way, presents ecological relationships in a way that we can understand, and is considered to be the best self-contained complete work.
Worldwide submissions welcome.

Prize money: €10,000 expected

Deutscher Wildlife Filmpreis

German Wildlife Film Award

This award goes to the film chosen by the jury as the best self-contained complete work on nature and wildlife themes.
Worldwide submissions welcome.

Prize money: €10,000 expected

Deutscher Filmpreis Biodiversität

German Biodiversity Film Award

This award goes to the film that highlights the issue of biodiversity most impressively and intelligibly.
Worldwide submissions welcome.

Prize money: €10,000 expected

NaturVision Short Film Award: The (In)Finite Nature of Plastic

NaturVision Short Film Award

"Recycle, not ruin – Nature leads the way"

The competition is open to both professional and amateur filmmakers over 18 years of age with films up to 30 minutes long. Films submitted for the Short Film category can also have a completion date before 1 January 2018. We also welcome animated films.
Prize money: € 5,000 | Sponsored by Audi Umweltstiftung

NaturVision Kamerapreis

NaturVision Camera Award

This award goes to the film in which the camera work contributes most uniquely to the artistic and aesthetic quality of the film.

NaturVision Beste Story

NaturVision Best Story Award

This award goes to the film with the most exceptional narrative perspective and unconventional dramatisation.

NaturVision Filmmusikpreis

NaturVision Film Music Award

This award goes to the film whose specially composed and produced score stands out most impressively through its dramatic and emotive arrangement.

Prize money: €1,000
Private donation

NaturVision Filmpreis Bayern

NaturVision Bavarian Film Award

This award honours the best Bavarian competition entry – either a Bavarian production or a film made by a Bavarian filmmaker or exploring a genuine Bavarian theme.

NaturVision Kinderfilmpreis

NaturVision Children’s Film Award

This award goes to the film that best introduces children to the complex relationship between nature and the environment and raises their awareness of the issues.

Prize money: €2,000| Sponsored by Wiedeking Stiftung Stuttgart 

NaturVision Newcomerfilmpreis

NaturVision Newcomer Award

This award goes to a newcomer whose work is considered especially innovative and convincing. Films of any length or genre are considered. The award is aimed at students/trainees in media professions, or graduates/career-changers during their first two productions.

Prize money: € 1,000
Sponsored by dieUmweltdruckerei

NaturVision Preis der Jugendjury

NaturVision Youth Jury Award

A jury of youngsters select their favourite film. It is not possible to apply for this competition category; the youth jury selects its winners on its own.

Prize money: € 2,000 expected

NaturVision Publikumspreis

NaturVision Audience Award

All visitors to the Festival have the opportunity to vote for their favourite film from the competition programme.

NaturVision Ehrenpreis

NaturVision Honorary Award

This award goes to a person or organisation that has made a significant contribution – normally in the media – to the subject area people/nature/environment/conservation over a long period.

The award is not given regularly and cannot be applied for.