Special Theme 2019
"Landscapes of the Future: Building and Living"

"Landscapes of the future" focuses on our shaping and inhabiting the earth. In 2018 we started with films and talks about the actual “soil” we are living on and from: the dramatic disappearance of top soil, the problem of land speculation and the loss of biodiversity. This year we turn to the space above and ask ourselves how mankind shapes the land by building and constructing their environment.

So our special theme for 2019 is "Landscapes of the Future: Building and Living". We want to encourage discussion of the many and varied aspects, such as polycentric development versus megacities, soil sealing, green spaces in urban areas and forms of sustainable building. At the same time we will be asking what living might look like in the future. Are minimalism and downsizing, for example, potential approaches to a new culture of building and living that will protect resources and make affordable living possible?

Partners for this year's special theme are IBA 2027 and Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung.



You have a film that fits our special topic "Landscapes of the Future: Building and Living"? Latest and older films can be submitted via our form. Please make sure to select the topic "Bauen und Wohnen" in the selection field "Section", so there are no entry fees.

Activities around our Special Theme

  • special open air film program
  • children's program
  • Talks with experts on the open air stage
  • Trial living in the tiny house Ludwigsburg